Brazilian Bird Grabs His “Egg” From The Golf Course, Proceeds To Throw It On The Pavement Repeatedly

When we are out playing golf, we often need to be concerned about the hazards. Those hazards may include a lake or stream, the woods or perhaps a sand trap. On the golf course shown in this video, however, the hazard is quite different. It comes in a type of bird known as a Seriema, and not only does the bird frustrate the golfers, he ends up getting quite a surprise.

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Toddler And Gorilla Play The Most Adorable Game Of Peek-A-Boo

One of the things that many of us enjoy, especially when we are younger, is going to the zoo. It gives us an opportunity to get up close and personal with many animals we would not ever have a chance to see in the wild. Of course, there are also many safety measures in place, including some enclosures that allow us to be only inches from the wildlife.


She Was Told That Her Car Was Going To Be Towed But She Gets The Last Laugh

One of the more frustrating situations we might have to face is when our car gets towed. Perhaps we only parked it in the wrong spot for a moment, or maybe we thought we could get away with it but when we came back, our car is gone and we are out a lot of money. It is even worse when the tow truck is still there.


Baby Elephant Comes Into The River To Save A ‘Drowning’ Human

When we are interacting with animals, what type of response do we expect? For many of us, our interactions with animals is limited to those that live in our homes, but there may come a day when we can also be around animals on the outside as well. That is what these people were experiencing when they were across the river from a herd of elephants. In fact, they were about to experience a life changing moment.


A Duck Follows Him Every Morning So He Took This Adorable Video To Prove It

Many of us go through our day-to-day life and we really don’t take the time to explore the world around us. From time to time, however, the world comes looking for us and it shows us something so amazing that it makes us stand up and take notice. That was the case with this little duckling named Charlie. If there was ever a time that you needed a smile, this little fella is there to give it to you.